Launch 3 Microwave

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In the United States, between 300 million and 400 million electronic items become obsolete each year, and less than 20 percent of that e-waste is recycled.”

We want to help be the solution to this problem! Launch 3 Microwave is committed to running an environmentally-friendly company. Allowing customers to dispose of electronic equipment by way of responsible recycling is our number one goal. We help ensure that customers are not only complying with laws but also providing protection for the earth.

We maintain a downstream process that allows us to sort, stage, and test for functional reuse. We avoid the use of landfills for electronic waste and separate metals for proper disposal. By keeping electronics out of landfills, we can accomplish reducing energy demands from mining and manufacturing.

We also follow all the regulations set by R2 and are in the process of becoming R2 certified. For more information on our recycling program, please call 1-877-878-9134 or email

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