Launch 3 Microwave

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Launch 3 Microwave now offers an exclusive cellular tower maintenance service. With our specialized team of network enhancement professionals, we provide top-notch maintenance and repair solutions worldwide.

Cell Site Maintenance:
Comprehensive on-site care of cellular infrastructure
Performance of routine and scheduled maintenance, along with emergency repair needs

Drive Testing:
Provide ongoing network quality assurance to boost workflow and data collection

2G/3G Harvesting:
Upgrade and integrate 2G/3G across networks

Deinstallation and removal of outdated network equipment and components

Radio Optimization:
Identify antiquated processes within base stations
Help create solutions to improve efficiency

Small Cell Solutions:
Utilize resources across wireless and backhaul transports to facilitate efficient Small Cell deployment

Carrier Ads:
Help expand 3G and 4G network capacity by engineering and/or installing additional carriers

PIM Testing
Test antennas to improve base station performance and ensure quality of installation